Who are we?

For an Organization to survive in a competitive environment, it requires a reliable, sustainable and uninterruptible power, equipment and unbreakable system to outpace the competition and promote innovation. Today’s environment is challenging companies to use their resources for their core competencies and consider building a high reputation by outsourcing a competent, qualify company who will ensure that all their IT and other equipment are safely protected and managed against any challenges which could lead to loss of revenue as a result of equipment failure due to unstable or inconsistent power problems.

EATEK Solution is a company that has been in the energy business for a number of years but legally established in 2017 and duly registered under the laws of Ghana Act, 1962(No.151) and having well-trained, qualified and experienced electrical and electronic technicians.

EATEK Solution has worked extensively with most of our clients to come up with a solid power supply and protection system that can support their day to day business activities without any hindrances in this era of limited and unstable electricity supply.

As a business we are not just focused on the sales of our power supply and protection equipment for the businesses we handle but we are also specialized in the installation of the products that we supply to our valuable clients. We are involved in the entire process of identifying the power needs of your business, helping your business come up with an alternative power supply and protection means that meets the financial budget of your business. It is with this kind of service that has earned us a great spot with all our clients and if given the opportunity to work with your business, we hope to replicate this same service that will not only aid your business but also take it a notch higher.


To provide efficient and constant power to our customers as well as the other organizations.


As a business our vision is to be the best power supply company in Ghana and beyond.